Memorial May 2024

Team Holley

“After serving active duty post-9/11, many of us returned home having lost good men and women whom we served alongside. We returned home to what felt like a nation that didn’t care. By walking alongside and sharing stories with hundreds of supporters over the past 12 years, we’ve come to realize people do care.  

This Memorial May, join the mission to ensure we Always Remember the sacrifices of America’s heroes. You can do this by walking with the National Relay team where five routes operate daily covering 20,000 miles across America, attend a Rally held in 96 communities across the country, Carry It Anywhere with your family, friends, or co-workers by holding your own event, or organizing a youth Carry The Flag activity to teach the next generation about service through our education program.  

Your fundraising this May goes toward our Continuum of Care, a program built upon a strategic collaboration among our corporate and non-profit partners that raises much needed awareness and funds to assist with the many issues facing our military, veterans, first responders and their families. In addition to the healing our heroes experience by physically walking or volunteering with Carry The Load, your peer-to-peer fundraising strengthens nationwide services such as counseling, adaptive training, suicide prevention, equine therapy, service dogs, job placements, civilian transition, home improvements, hope for homeless veterans, care for burn victims, educational scholarships for children of the fallen, and many other healing services.  I have personally seen the work done by our Non-Profit Partners. Your donations this May will make the difference in so many lives.  

On behalf of Carry The Load, and a nation of America’s warriors who will be impacted by your generosity, thank you for joining the mission.  Together, we will Carry The Load.  

My name is Stephen Holley, and I’m caring the memory of all the men whom I served with in the SEAL Teams that made the ultimate sacrifice. Who Are You Carrying?”

-Veteran Navy SEAL and Carry The Load Co-Founder Stephen Holley

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