Memorial May 2024

HS - Long Island

Join us May 1st to 'Kick-Off' the New England Carry The Load Relay Route!!

May 1st we will kick-off with a ceremony to honor our brave men and women who have sacrificed for our freedom (military, first responders, and their families).  Stan is scheduled to speak (subject to change). After the ceremony we will do a Memorial Walk from the VA National Cemetery back to Henry Schein's Corporate Headquarters in Melville (1.5 mile walk) and wrap with closing words - singing God Bless America.

Wear your red, white, and blue and bring a backpack + photo (all optional) to share the stories of those you are carrying.

Sequence of Events:

Part 1: Ceremony

12:00 - Ceremony Start

Guest Speakers: Carry The Load, Henry Schein Senior Leadership (to include Stan Bergman, CEO (subject to change) and Ron South, CFO and Vets ERG Executive Sponsor, and local politicians (subject to change). 
Military band will perform

12:30 - Ceremony Wrap and begin to load buses (for those walking)

Part 2:  Honor March

12:30pm: Buses pick-up at Henry Schein Parking Lot; Drop off at National Cemetery

Bus will run until all Team Schein members have left the building

12:45 For those walking, Step-off will happen for the 1.5 mile walk back to Henry Schein headquarters for refreshments. 


1. Please ensure that management approval is required if this is outside your

    lunch/break hours. 

2. This event is FREE to participate and Donation is NOT required, but we do

    ask that you join the team for tracking and communication purposes.


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