Memorial May 2024

One of our WSP yoga teachers remembering and  honoring her best friend.
One of our WSP yoga teachers remembering and honoring her best friend.

Warrior Spirit Project


Why Team Warrior Spirit Project? 

In our 7th year of participation, we are so dedicated to the mission we ALL share... to honor our nation's heroes: military, veterans, first responders and their families. There are so many friends and family members who gave the ultimate sacrifice through service on behalf of the rest of us.  They are still loved, missed, remembered, and carried in the hearts of many of us in the Warrior Spirit Project community.  Together, we at WSP share the load.  Will you join us?

Join our team, as an individual or by creating a team of your own on our WSP company pageWe'll help you get started!  No matter where you live, you can make a difference.  There are multiple ways to be involved, and we will help you.  By joining our team, you are sending a strong message to the whole Carry the Load community that we care and we show it through our actions.   

We'll help you find a way to bring the message to your own community.  Part of the mission is to restore the true meaning of Memorial Day, and there are many ways to raise awareness.  Or maybe you can help us with your own ideas!

We'll help you find ways to raise funds, if that is something you choose to do.  All funds raised through our WSP company page will come back to Warrior Spirit Project, so that we can continue to serve warriors and their families.  And when you create your personal page as part of the team, you can tell your own story, while funds that you raise "roll up" to the team total.  Raise $200 or more and earn a Load Carrier t-shirt to continue spreading the message all year. 

We will never forget those we've lost, and we will always be here for those who still carry the load.


Join our team, and invite others to join with you. 

On behalf of all those we've lost over the years, and the families and friends who miss them, we sincerely thank you!!!!




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